Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Rules of The Game .......

If You're Going to Try and Raise the Bar .......

   Forgive us, as we move slowly into our second coming......  We're learning quickly that we may not be the 8 post a day machine we used to be.  I have a decent job, and some semblance of a life - along with trying to maintain our recent fitness improvement ( we'll get into that another time ).  So, the goal will be to find realistic solutions for America's problems. It's a lofty goal, but we suck at small solutions anyway. 

    Being a Center-Right Blog, we are shooting for consensus building ideas that cross aisles. Our partisan days are over....  We're getting old fast, and time is running out.......We're not worried about being right and taking credit. Idealogues on both sides are going to hate us. But, that doesn't mean we can't learn from them, or that at times they may be right. More right than you or I..... That being said, we lay down the ground rules that we ask you to follow for the potential benefit of all:

1:  Be Respectful For Others
     As much as we love seeing Bobby call people Ass Clowns, we're going to request that you refrain from calling fellow readers/postings the same.  Many politicians deserve derision, and we fully encourage breaking down those that deserve it.  But we don't have a ton of fans, so we need every one we can get.  Be nice to each other......

2. Be Funny Or Go Home
        It's what we love, and frankly, it's what made us great.   Sarcasm, Gross Out Humor, Wit, Irony........  It's all fine with us.  It helps get the point across, and it's more entertaining.....

3.  For God's Sake, Please Post!
        Remember how awesome/terrible the post that I did on the Hotties of the Hill was?  Neither do I.   We are a figment of our readers. We take requests.  If you like something, tell us.  If the Milton Waddams Award is so 2006 to you guys, let me know.  Sometimes, being liked is more important to us than being respected.  Our first post, and we're already contradicting ourselves.  So much for idealism.......

We'll keep the bar low for now.  Sorry for not just jumping right in and ripping off a stellar post, but we're just easing into this.  Next post: a slide show of what we've been doing the past 20 months!



Monday, August 25, 2014

Your Worst Nightmare Comes True .......

                                   SC6 Comes Back Online After a Two Year Layoff.......

     We've been thinking about this for a while, especially with all the dysfunction going on in DC.  Like the header says, we're getting back in the game, because SOMEONE has to blog with common sense in mind.  Not an ideologue, but someone who has been in the game, and lives in the real world.... It's the new, smarter SC6.  But don't worry............... We'll still have women in bikini's.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cartoons of the Week....

   Hey, remember when we would have ONE cartoon every Sunday? Well, this week we have an all-time high of FIVE political cartoons for you!  Call it rewarding a faithful audience. Besides, this will be the only Christmas present you get from us...

   Like we remind you from time to time, these 'toons are on a one week delay. No doubt next week's will be very somber, but it gives you an idea of what we were thinking about before Newtown.  Basically, it was two things: Christmas and the Fiscal Cliff.  So, when you can combine both, chances are you will make SC6. You can go the Elf On the Shelf route..

The Basketball Season Route....

Or the Three Wise Men Route - or is that One Wise Man, and the Other Two?

But Life is not all Fiscal Cliffs and Basketball... With Pot being legalized in some Western States, even Santa has to be careful with munching on certain goodies.

Meanwhile, North Korean Doughboy Kim Jong Un was able to shoot a satellite into Outer Space, where it's bouncing around aimlessly - but far enough to worry everyone in the Pacific.  It's always every son's goal to show up his old man...


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Today's Founders Quote: No Similitude to Nobles

"As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them."

- Tench Coxe, from An American Citizen, 1787.

This quote may seem a bit out of place today, but in two years, when the voters of the 6th Congressional District of South Carolina are faced with a second generation of Clyburns in Congress, you'll be looking for this quote.  We've seen it in the car business a million times: Dad works hard and builds a successful business from nothing - then he retires and leaves it all to his know-nothing idiot son.  Soon, said business goes belly up, or is sold to a corporation to avoid that fate.  Here is one piece of good advice today: NEVER work for a guy named Skip, Chip or Trey... You're just asking for trouble.

Congress is no different, but we seem to think that the only person who can keep up the 'legacy' of a man or woman is their dolt of an offspring.... Anyone else hear the whispers of Chelsea Clinton getting into politics? F**king please !!!  No, Congress is not the House of Lords, and it's not a lifetime appointment. It's where the best our district has to offer is sent to represent all of us - and every two years, there should be a choice of at least two qualified people to pick from.  Remember this in two years, when we say "I told you so".... and get ready!


Cartoons of the Week ....

   Welcome back to the return of SC6.. We thought Irony took us over this week, when we posted our "We're Not Dead Yet" comment - then got pretty sick this week. Such are withdrawals from medications.  Anyway, we tried to rest up after work this week, and we're feeling a tad better. What better way to celebrate our return than with our usual Sunday Morning fare - Cartoons and Hot Chicks with Founders Quotes!

   Like ourselves, the Fiscal Cliff (formerly known as Taxmaggedon) is on the minds of most people not stuck in a fog - even poltical cartoonists.  There were a few, but we chose this one... Why? Because Obama and the GOP are being a bunch of clowns.  Ass Clowns, if you asked Bobby for his opinion... Anyone want to bet that when these politicians in DC were in High School and College, they all did their studying and projects the night before it was due?  I wouldn't take that bet either..

      But, not all of life is politics.... So, in the rest of the world segment, we note the conception of Prince William and Duchess Kate's SuperWASP offspring, soon to be known as the future King/Queen of England!  Kate was suffering from extreme morning sickness (re: she was puking so much, she got dehydrated), and the announcement that YES, she was preggers sent the media into a tizzy... That stork better haul ass, or he's gonna get sucked into a CNN jet turbo engine.  Either that, or he should go back to selling Vlasic Pickles.   'Prince William? That's the silliest accent I ever heard!"...


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Rumors of Our Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated..

We're Back !  Why? Because America NEEDS Us ...

    No, you are not seeing a Ghost, or even one of those Zombies from The Walking Dead.... This is a new post from SC6!  Yeah, it's been a while, but life has been much more of a priority for us lately than politics.  While a Presidential election season may seem to be a odd time to walk away from the game, it's a common practice for us. Why? Because there IS such a thing as political overload, and even though we consider ourselves more informed than most people, we choose not to contribute to it..

   Yes, the last few weeks of an election are torture, even to us.  It drives us crazy to hear opinions on Facebook and Twitter from people who don't follow it except for the last 90 days of a campaign. Sure, they're entitled to their opinions..... we just wish they wouldn't.  We admit it - this is about all we have.  We don't work for campaigns, we don't knock on doors or make phone calls.  Why? Because anxiety problems keep us from being able to get out often.  We quietly sit by, listen intently, then give the best solutions to our country's problems - and we're pretty damned good at it!

   Really though, there were two reasons we took a break: first, we changed jobs and moved. Yes, we are now in Laurinburg, North Carolina full time. We went though a home sale (14 months - Thank God it's over!), a home purchase, and learning a new industry.  Like we said, life took a big priority.  Work is going great, and the past 2 months have been spent doing minor renovations on the new casa. There's more we'd like to do on the house, but the budget is wiped out for now, so there's time to blog now! Lucky You..

   More importantly, our health has been a concern in 2012.  Ever since we got back to Florence, we seemed to have troubles. We thought we had allergies, and other problems have dogged  us all year. It was easy to blog when we weren't working. We basically sat around, blogged when we could, and rested if we felt less than 100%, which occured a lot.  Adding work to the mix made blogging almost impossible. We're starting to feel better, and there is more free time, so we're going to give it a shot...

  Honestly, we thought we might be done if Mitt Romney won the election. Like Moses leading his people to the promised land, we view ourselves as the messenger of what our country needs to do to move forward - and it hasn't. We thought Mitt Romney would have been a very good President. But Barack Obama won , which was no surprise. What stunned us a bit more was the American People voted back a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.. So, we have all the same players that brought us here.  Clearly, voters didn't get the message, so we had an epiphany - America Needs Us.

   Given the circumstances we're in right now, there is little option except for us to get back to guiding you and the country to a better place. Is that a cocky view? Hell yeah, but it's true.  We always take others opinions into consideration, and it helps us come up with strong, bipartisan solutions... Like it or not, SC6 is back, and we're still keeping the SC6 name.  Our 7th anniversary will be here in a few weeks, and we know how important a baby's 7th year is - and this is our baby!  We appreciate your support through the years, and we'll try to keep it going at a high level...



Friday, September 07, 2012

Finally, News That Got Us Back on the Laptop !

Unfortunately, The Gear For This Jobs Report Isn't Hooked Onto a Machine to Produce ANYTHING..... Much Less Jobs.

     Yes, we're back.... Even if only for a day.  Truth is, there has been way too much more important things going on with us than politics.  Although we are kinda political junkies here, we still are grounded enough to know that it IS just politics.  Yes, we watched some of the DNC and RNC Conventions, but to us, it's all a pile of BS.  Football season is finally here, so if we want to watch cheerleaders in front of tens of thousands of Kool-Aid drinkers, we'll catch a game between the goalposts..

    Nope, it was REAL news that got us back on our old Dell Inspiron 6000 - The Economy.   Namely, jobs - or lack of them.  We'll be honest, we got a bit fooled by this one.  Yesterday, we got a false alarm that maybe things had finally turned Barack Obama's way.  ADP had reported that payrolls increased by 200,000 jobs, which helped spike the Dow Jones up 244 points.  So, when we got out for lunch and heard that the unemployment rate had dropped from 8.3% to 8.1%, we thought maybe that 200,000 had been underestimated.  We even had a theory for it - the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare may have led some employers to just go ahead and start hiring. But, that had nothing to do with it...The fact was that in the wonderfully complicated world of the Unemployment Rate, there was nowhere near that amount of new jobs - yet Obama may have moved closer to getting re-elected despite it.  Such is politics.....

    You may have heard by now, but only 96,000 jobs were created, about 25% less than is needed just to keep up with population growth.  So, how does the unemployment rate go down 2/10th of a point, much less at all?  Here is the big stat: the number of people who quit looking for work. That number was a scarily astonishing 368,000 people - in a month.  Yep, school was out, and once they realized the Summer gigs were dried up, people flat out gave up.  To put it in terms South Carolinians can wrap their brains around, enough people left the job market to equal the populations of Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg and Rock Hill....... COMBINED!  The job participation rate is at it's lowest point in 30 years.

    Yep, for every person who got a job, almost four said 'F**k It', and quit.... So by now, you're probably asking 'Hey Reino, how can 368,000 people leaving the job market possibly be good news for Barack Obama??'.  Here's how.  Like we said, politics makes no sense, but there are many statistics that have been reliable in elections - and the unemployment rate is one of them.  If you haven't read this post before, take a minute or two to do so, and then rejoin us.... We'll wait.

    OK, 15 out of 16 elections, with the only exception being the disastrous 1968 for the Dems, are pretty solid stats.  The important number is what April was, and the answer to that is 8.1%... So, where the rate had jumped 2/10th since April, we are now back at Square One.  There are two jobs reports between now and Election Day, so the change in unemployment could be as tight as the race between Obama and Mitt Romney.  It's pretty simple: if Barack Obama is able to convince America that is headed in the right direction - even if it's only by 1/10th of a point - the undecideds that will determine a President could likely go his way.  

     We're not saying that is how it's going to go... But last month, we were pretty sure that Barack Obama was going down based on the same evidence.  Now it's all up in the air.   Do we think people will continue to leave by the hundreds of thousands into the Fall, thus improving Obama's chances? We doubt it.   However, with so many variables that play into the rate in flux, we don't know if we'll be at 8.1, 8.2 or 8.0% or under on November 6th..... It may not seem like a big deal, but every tenth of a point counts.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Make it Official: Now Is the Time to Buy A Home!

The Numbers Show That Right Now Is THE TIME To Buy, Becuase It Isn't Going to Get Any Better - And We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is..

    Having a few friends who are Real Estate agents, you often hear that now is the best time to buy... The truth generally is there are better times to buy, and worse times to buy.  Generally.  Then, very rarely, everything falls into place that if you can afford it, you will NEVER do better than now.  From what we've seen in the Real Estate market, this may quite possibly be the best opportunity to buy a home in our lifetime.  In short, if you've been on the fence, get off it..

    Yes, not only are we telling you to do something if needed, just like a Stock Analyst who tells you he personally owns, we are taking our own advice.  After finally selling our home here in Florence, we just bought a home in Laurinburg, North Carolina.   Cheap - and at a rate that would make you puke a few years ago.  But why now? Easy.. The fear is always that people buy a house at a price before they've hit rock bottom, and at a higher interest rate. The housing numbers released in the past few weeks tell us that the housing bubble burst has ended for the most part. Here are a few factors that gave us the green light...

1. Interest Rates at an All-Time Low.
    This is the obvious one.. Back in the 80's I couldn't believe my Dad got a 4% VA loan when he bought his house in the 1950's. His mortgage back then? About $20 per month.... Well, rates have gone even lower than that now - but they're pretty much done. I started at 3.75% rate, but during the process, it actually dropped another 1/8 point to 3.625%, or 2.75 full points less than my last mortgage in 2007, when prices and rates peaked.  The difference between the two in interest? About $300 per month!  A key to fixing the housing crisis is right there - refinancing. But, credit is very tight, so who knows?

2. The Price Freefall is Over
     Yes, it always depends on what market you live in, but nationally, prices are beginning to recover slowly. In major cities all across the US, selling prices have risen, in part due to the lower interest rates (lower interest rate = lower payments = more house for your money).  If you're waiting it out to wait til home prices hit absolute rock bottom, we have advice for you - it's there, and may actually have passed. Jump on that house now, or live in regret.

3.  New Permits Are Up.
     It's been a buyer's market for years. My agent told me that a recent seller she had ended up bringing $14,000 in cash to the table to sell their house. To us, that' batshit crazy, but some do what they have to do.. There was a glut of available homes, but that is evening out at long last. That has given the sign to home builders that it's finally time to dust off the sawsall, and start making homes again. While it could cause a glut of available houses again, new homes and preowned homes don't always directly compete against each other. Time will tell, but it's a real good sign.

4. Renting is a Crappy Deal
    Again, it depends on where you live.  If you live in Manhattan, and can't afford $600,000 for a 700 square foot condo, you may want to rent.  In most other locations, renting is no longer a deal.  My house for example has a mortgage cost of $450 per month.  This is for a 4BR/2BA, 2259 sq ft home that needs NO updating or repairs, unless I want to.  To rent a home in the same area would be in the $750-800 a month range (and that's conservative). Most rentals in Laurinburg are pretty bad, so it's a no-brainer.  Basing the $350 per month savings with the $3500 down payment on it, and my house will break even in a mere TEN MONTHS.  After that, it's all gravy... The tight credit market caused many to be forced into the rental market, resulting in skyrocketing rental rates.  Buying is way smarter than renting right now...

I'm sure there are other factors that play into all of this as well - and my Realtor buddies will be glad to 'list' them. Sorry, just a little Real Estate humor.  We don't overblow things when it comes to buying or selling stuff, unlike the guys on TV, pushing Gold every five minutes... We're conservative fiscally, so when we say it's the Best Time Ever - much less a good time to buy - that's ringing the dinner bell.... Getting financing isn't the easiest thing right now. But if you can qualify, and have been thinking about buying a home, stop thinking and act..


Cartoons of the Week..

      Welcome again to our usual Sunday lineup.  Yes, it's all we've been doing lately, but there hasn't been time to do much else. We'll explain very shortly...  Luckily, the campaigns have started to heat back up, so we do have a few things to review in the political cartoon world.  With Paul Ryan being selected as Mitt Romney's VP choice, the discussion turned instantly, geared mostly by a coordinated talking points memo by the Democrats through Twitter.  But, at least he has taken the time to make a budget - something the Democrat controlled Senate hasn't done in three years plus..

Is there anything more pathetic than a old white guy in his 70's from Delaware saying Y'all?  Not to us.  We've been here 15 years, and the looks I got the first time I called someone 'Beau' was hilarious.  Rule of Thumb: If you were born above the Mason-Dixon line, don't ever use Y'all, Yonders or the like....

And what's the penalty for saying dumb stuff? They send you home for a week or two, and even let your wife campaign before you do... Apparently, there is a VP Time Out area - thought 'potatoe' doesn't appear to be scrawled on the wall....